Governing Body for Staff at the University of Kansas

Staff Senate 04/18/2017

Staff Senate Agenda, Wednesday, April 19th

12:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m., Kansas Union, Malott, 6th Level


Call to Order

Called meeting to order at 12:04pm

Approval of Minutes-February 15, 2017

Chris Wallace made a motion to approve the minutes, Kevin Liu second; with correction; all approved.

Approval of Minutes-March 15, 2017

Chris Wallace made a motion to approve the minutes, Mary Murphy seconded; all approved


President-Liz Phillips

Presentation of Common Book to Employee of the Month that attended the meeting.  A round of applause to the winners.

University SenEx meeting will be held tomorrow and we will be able to give our report.  We thank the Provost Neeli to fund the summer tuition assistance. 

Secretary – Deb Deering

No report

Treasurer – Michelle Ginavan-Hayes



Current remaining uncommitted funds for general use



All other funds have been committed including $2,000 committed for use on the MWST

Executive meeting they voted and approved for a new laptop.  Once we get the idea about the cost we will bring it to the next council meeting.

Greg Smith made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report, David Day seconded; all approved.

Liz Phillips gave a Rock Chalk farewell as she stepped down as President of the Staff Senate.

Call to Adjourn

Robert Waller made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Annette Delaney seconded; all approved


Welcome 2017-2018 SENATE

Call to Order

Brian Moss called the new meeting to order


President – Brian Moss

No report at this time as new President.

Diversity and Inclusion Chair-Michael Chavez (Absent)

The University Senate ad hoc committee on Diversity & Inclusion mentioned by David Day, will be proposed at the next University Senate meeting to be a standing committee.  He also mentioned that they have created a google calendar to pull in all the meetings that are offered around campus. 

Legislative Affairs – Robert Waller

Robert Waller talked about an issue that has been discussed over the last month at the Legislative level.  They did pass a 2% increase for salary for state employees however this will not be funded by the state.  It will come from the department in which the employee works.   They are still figuring out how this will be disbursed to KU employees.  Gun control bills, none of these bills have moved until their next meeting in May.  Budget state affairs was to come up with a resolution in terms of parking issues.  Budget affairs sent Robert a statement that the committee does not think that a resolution has been made and that it should be brought to the Executive committee to be discussed and a comprehensive solution be drafted.

Lastly, tuition assistance policy is still moving forward with the waver system.  They are still reviewing and then it would have to climb the chain all the way to the Regents board.  Still in progress.

Professional Development Chair –

Mini Wheat State Tour enrollment to be posted on 4/24/17

Personnel Affairs Chair – Annette Delaney

Met to discuss the virtual handbook with Ola Faucher on how to go forward.   They also think that a list of acronym that will be provided.  Asking for everyone to provide links that can help or those that do not work.  Send all responses to Annette Delaney with the subject line, “Virtual Handbook.”

Public Relations Chair – Chris Wallace

Updating and adding information to Facebook.

University support staff council met last week and the talk is about KBOR.  The University senate is not in favor for us to be added back to KBOR meeting twice a year. 

Elections Chair – Andy Jackson (absent) (Greg Smith for Andy Jackson)




Nominations:  Holly Shriner

Winner:  Holly Shriner



Nominations:  Chris Wallace, Deb Deering, Huili Yao

Winner:  Huili Yao


Nominates:  Leland Wilson

Chris Wallace made a motion to confirm; Michelle Hays second; all approve for Leland Wilson


Nominations:  Melody Stratton

            PUBLIC RELATIONS:  Chris Wallace will retain


Nomination:  David Day, Deb Deering, Tim Spencer, Emily Gullickson, Connie Jordan, Anna Paradis, Chris Wallace, Clint Johnston, Keah Cunningham, Melody Henning, Bruce Frederick, Abby Ehling

Winners: David Day, Tim Spencer, Emily Gullickson, Connie Jordan, Anna Paradis, Chris Wallace, Clint Johnston, Keah Cunningham, Melody Henning, Bruce Frederick, Abby Ehling

                                    UNIVERSITY SENATE EXEC & SENATE EXEC REP (SAME)

Nomination:  Chris Wallace; David Day, Bruce Fredrick

Winner:  David Day

HRM – Ola Faucher

The State health insurance for J-1 visa holders will have a 1 year adjustment time period to comply with federal requirements. Working after retirement will allow returning to KBOR position without the fringe costs applied.  Both of these are on the governor’s desk. The policy postings are occurring that the personnel committee looked at; the comment period for the university for the performance evaluations will end on 23rd of April, and the following week they will post the items that deal with counseling, discipline, grievance, and non-reappointments. Finally, from the tuition assistance work group, University administration is working on the paid option. They met with the Provost, and she will look into it to see if she can identify money going forward.

Faculty – Amalia Monroe-Gulick (Absent)

Student – Justin Moen (Absent)

Unfinished Business

Letter about 5% parking increase

New Business


Call to Adjourn

Chris Wallace made a motion to adjourn the meeting; Greg Smith second; all approved.

Upcoming Meeting Schedule

Executive Council

Wednesday, May 10, 2017, 12:00 PM ‐ 1:30 PM, Alcove F, 2nd Floor, Kansas Union

Full Senate

Wednesday, May 17, 2017, 12:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m., Malott Room, 6th Level, Kansas Union

Senators excused from meeting:  Tara Cook, Abby Ehling, Andy Jackson, Melody Lawrence, Peggy Robinson, Jeff Severin, Tanya Spacek, Tim Spencer, Jane Tuttle and Kari Woods

Senators absent from meeting:  Adam Braun, Michael Chavez, Mike Dickey, Rita-Maria McFadden, Jill Mignacca, Justin Moen, Amalia Monroe-Gulick, Greg Smith, Michael Wade Smith, and Eric Williams

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