Governing Body for Staff at the University of Kansas

Staff Senate 05/17/2017

Call to Order

Called to order at 12:03 pm

Approval of Minutes – April 19, 2017

Chris Wallace made motion to approve minutes; Tim Spencer second; with corrections; all approved


President – Brian Moss

  • Michelle gave brief overview of governance website (
  • Chancellor interviews started last week. Committee sent forth 3-5 names to KBOR who should make an announcement in coming weeks.
  • KBOR met at KU April 20th – one hour sit-down with staff, faculty, and student senate. Liz Phillips presented two main issues: tuition assistance between KU and other BOR schools, and request to retain 5 minutes on KBOR agenda 2 times/year. That meeting was quickly taken over by Fail Campus Carry group
  • Brian/Michelle met with Provost 5/10/17 – thanked her for reinstating the professional development funding, and mentioned funding for a luncheon for a staff senate thank you at end of year (similar to student senate). Request for Day off for Civic Engagement has been shut down by KBOR. Brian expressed concern raised about notice of NNR policy – “in the best interest of university”.Neeli said she would seek clarification.


Treasurer – Huili Yao (absent – report by Michelle Ginavan-Hayes

  • Current uncommitted funds of $52.36. Michelle also mentioned possibility of a $135 travel award that may have to be canceled which would result in additional funds to spend prior to end of FY.
  • Discussion that laptop estimate was stripped down in costs to match our budget. Michelle will follow up with Kathy Reed, then report back to Leland Wilson to get new quote
  • Chris Wallace made motion to use balance of funds to invest in laptop / Mary Murphy 2nd
  • Discussed annual $480 IT fee that Kathy Reed mentioned. Leland confirmed with IT that Senate does not need to pay this fee, as it’s part of the charge of the Technology Officer. We may need to rewrite Technology Officer charges to specifically include either IT support or coordinate with IT, so if future Technology Officer isn’t in IT they can coordinate with IT for support.

Accepted Treasurer’s Report:  Deb Deering moved and David Day 2nd

Diversity and Inclusion – Michael Chavez

  • DEI report was released a few weeks ago and is available on provost website under DEI section. Senators are encouraged to review it. Chris Wallace will try to add link to Senate Facebook page.
  •  June 15 target date for OIRP to make raw data from survey accessible
  •  Committee met 5/16/17. Dustin Stroble from Staff Fellows spoke to the committee. Staff Fellows project was in Diversity & Equity, and they developed a 43 page report.
  •  The DI committee will work to develop recommendations that will incorporate Staff Fellows project, and focus on how to move forward with issues.

Elections – Andy Jackson

Have 1 seat currently in the operations category – with no back-up so put word out

1 resignation in Admin category – offer will be made to person with next highest votes – Susan Shaw

Legislative Affairs – Robert Waller

  •  Some issues still pending in legislature:2 gun control bills – one related to mental institutions, one related to university and hospitals
  •  Committee making more progress on tuition assistance based on a waiver process. Next steps: committee meets next week to finalize recommendations, then Robert will put together for review at several levels, including Staff Senate.


Personnel Affairs – Annette Delaney


  • Committee working independently on virtual handbook
  •  Committee will review the updated policy about allowing worktime for committee
  •  Annette also serves on the committee to review conceal carry insurance.Focus is on clarifying coverage if faculty/staff are injured due to conceal carry.
  •   David Day asked how coverage would be different from coverage if you were hit by a bus crossing the street.The focus of this committee is to clarify issue relates more to liability, rather than coverage. If you’re hit by a bus it’s insurance, if you’re hit by a stray bullet, it’s workers comp.


Professional Development – Melody Stratton

Nothing to report

MWST – June 2


Public Relations – Chris Wallace

Nothing to report – Michael Chavez will send DEI link to Chris to post on Facebook

HRM – Ola Faucher

  •  Let her know if there are questions related to tuition. Policy will be posted soon – awaiting Provost signature.
  •  Governor did sign insurance for J-1Visa holders.
  •  Working After Retirement (WAR) – going away – from July 1 2017 forward – if WAR prior to 7/1, they are not exempt
  •  Engaged IT’s help to block those annoying emails from the health care provider – that looked like spam


Faculty – Amalia Monroe-Gulick

  •  Not here – she will find another rep soon, as she is now faculty senate president


Student – Justin Moen

  •   Not sure if he’s still our rep – Brian will reach out to him
  •  Brian will also be looking for volunteers to be liaison to student senate – they meet every other week in evenings… don’t necessarily have to attend all meetings, as they meet


Unfinished Business

New Business

Staff Senate thank you/recognition of Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little – Senate edited letter, Brian will send on behalf of the Staff Senate

David Day moved / Michael Chavez seconded

Call to Adjourn

Motion made and passed.

Upcoming Meeting Schedule

Executive Committee

Wednesday, June 14, 2017, Noon - 1:30 p.m., Watson Library, Room 455

Full Senate

Wednesday, August 16, Noon – 1:30 p.m., LEEP 2, Room 2024

Senators excused from May 2017 meeting: Holly Shriner

*** STAFF SENATE GROUP PHOTO will be taken in the main stairwell immediately after the meeting adjourns. ***    Photographer not present – will take in September m

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