Our Mission

What We Do

The University of Kansas Staff Senate fosters cooperation and exchange between unclassified professional staff and support staff, serves as a forum for discussion of common employment concerns, coordinates professional development activities for members and provides a formal channel to communicate common concerns to university and state officials.

Who We Represent

The Staff Senate represents all KU unclassified (non-faculty) staff and support staff.

Who We Are

Staff Senate members hold a variety of positions at KU including advisors, computer programmers, technology coordinators, scholarship coordinators, facilities personnel, financial aid advisors, academic services administrators, program coordinators, program directors, post-doctoral researchers, human resources specialists, health-care specialists, public information specialists, legal services providers, career planning counselors, new student recruiters and advisors, laboratory safety specialists, information systems coordinators, leadership counselors, student services coordinators, student housing staff, teaching support staff, and university administrators.