Governing Body for Staff at the University of Kansas

Staff Senate Executive Committee 5/9/18

Executive Committee Minutes

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Noon-1:30 p.m.

Kansas Union, Alcove F

Call to Order

Michelle Ginavan Hayes called the meeting to order at 12:03 p.m.

Approval of Minutes – April 11, 2018

Motion: To approve the April 11, 2018 Staff Senate Executive Committee minutes with no corrections. Motion made by Robert Waller. Motion seconded by Abby Ehling. Motion passed.


President – Michelle Ginavan Hayes

Hayes asked the group to do brief introductions. Present were Hayes, Chris Wallace, Robert Waller, Jenny Flinders, Jeff Severin, Michelle Wilson, Holly Shriner, Abby Ehling, Melody Lawrence and Ola Faucher. The Staff Senate appreciation event was very nice and it is hoped it will be an ongoing event. Neeli Bendapudi has left as Provost; typically the President and President-Elect meet with the Provost monthly. The first meeting with the interim Provost is next week. Waller and Ginavan Hayes have a meeting with HR team members tomorrow to discuss details related to the tuition assistance policy. Other governing bodies have had their transition meetings. Ginavan Hayes met with Jennifer Hamer regarding diversity and inclusion chair submissions; Severin and Wilson will be voted on at next week’s full Senate meeting. Senate presidents met with the first of the general counsel candidates and will meet with the others. Common books have typically been given to employees of the month. Ginavan Hayes has the books but there haven’t been too many employees of the month since the last distribution. Shriner will look at the minutes to see when we’ve distributed the books previously, though the group discussed potentially providing those books in August to employees of the month.

Treasurer – Melody Lawrence

Lawrence will work with Kathy Reed to get some budget information, and Ginavan Hayes will send a tip sheet to Lawrence about budget reports and the treasurer position.

Diversity & Inclusion– Jeff Severin & Michelle Wilson, 2017-2018 co-chairs. 2018-2019 chair/s will be elected at May’s full Staff Senate meeting. The committee met May 1. Dr. Hamer will be at the May 16 full Senate meeting with a D&I overview and Emily Gullickson will present on the different trainings available at KU. From the survey sent to all Staff Senators, results indicate we will focus on Social Justice 101 and bystander intervention or microaggressions for the summer training. There’s an email in to Precious Porras to see if there’s any approval needed for those two trainings to be placed on My Talent for all Staff Senators. The group will move forward with a continuing conversation about the Continuing Whiteness event; this will likely be a focus for the committee in the Fall. Severin said the committee would look at pulling a more comprehensive guide for staff related to D&I and potentially include that in staff orientation or staff training to provide the information broadly to staff across campus. Hayes spoke with Eddie Munoz about the number of respondents; 23 responded, which is about half.

Legislative Affairs – Jenny Flinders

The committee is working on the tuition assistance proposal, and also looking at the inclement weather policy; Waller is assisting and providing guidance. Waller suggested looking at University Senate policy regarding representation; right now we understand the president of that body can’t be a staff member. It seems that only faculty and students currently have the opportunity for president/vice president; if it is a true representation of governance on campus, why no staff? The Faculty Senate rules and regulations might have the details. Waller said the committee could also end up working on a number of items from the Staff Fellows Employee Value Proposition. Staff Fellows will present that EVP to administration on Friday; Waller has asked Lejuez to ask Legislative Affairs to look at that report and potentially work on some of the ideas in that proposal. Waller hopes the Staff Fellows document does gain some traction and that the report not be something that simply sits on the shelf. Staff Fellows will likely eventually present to Staff Senate; it is a big proposal that touches many things. Faucher said it potentially could be broken down and parsed to different offices or committees. Faucher asked about the inclement weather efforts to make sure there wasn’t a duplication of efforts.

Professional Development– Abby Ehling

The final round of professional development funds were awarded, to 8 recipients. Funds were split between the Pepsi funds and Staff Senate funds. Any remaining in the Pepsi funds will carry over to next fiscal year. After that money and the money for the Mini Wheat State Tour (MWST), there is $97 left in the Staff Senate fund. The Pepsi fund should be renewed at the beginning of the fiscal year; after that money comes in another round will open for professional development fund applications; it is likely there will then be two rounds of applications for the specific Pepsi fund money next year. The MWST tour filled up by 2 p.m. the day the registration opened. There is a wait list; right now there are 11 on the wait list. Another reminder about the event will likely go the week before. About 5 on the wait list have been told to show up in case others don’t show the morning of the event. The KSU tour portion will include the campus and the art museum.

Personnel Affairs– Ranu Pal

Pal has met with Annette Delaney, who was the past chair. They met with IT about potentially building a library of acronyms. Someone from IT will give a presentation to the committee. Waller asked about acronyms that had the same letters but meant different things; for example, ACA can mean Affordable Care Act but the budget office uses ACA related to a specific KU fund; how deep is the committee going into acronyms because it could get overwhelming quickly? The group determined they would see what IT presented.

Public Relations– Mary Murphy & Teri Chambers

Both were proctoring exams and were not at the meeting.

Elections Chair – Vacant

A reminder was made that at the next Senate meeting we need nominations for the Elections Chair so that position can be voted upon.

HRM – Ola Faucher

The State Legislature is working; one of their ideas was for additional raises for state employees, but it excludes those at Regents institutions. There could be morale issues for Regents-institution employees. Wallace said there are also issues related to the former Chancellor’s salary, as she is being paid as a consultant. The break policy as posted and two more are in the wings; retiree rehire and remote work are still pending. Another policy could eventually route through; the gender equity subcommittee has discussed something regarding shared leave and have an upcoming meeting. The idea is to liberalize the shared leave policy to be able to cover parental leave if people don’t have enough leave banked. That could be another policy that will route through Staff Senate committee. Staff Senate hasn’t seen the revision of the background check policy due to new federal guidelines; that will route eventually.

Faculty – Kirk McClure/Amalia Monroe-Gulick

Not present

Student – Thomas Wilkinson

Not present; Hayes will work with new Student Senate president for new student representative

Chris Wallace – There was no recent face-to-face Council meeting; they are trying for the first couple of weeks of June. The previous multi-school survey effort is dying. There is potential for a very brief survey to go to KU staff; it might have some questions about tuition assistance and potentially staff training. Other issues: parking permit payments can now be pre-tax, but that’s likely going away due to IRS regulations. There could be issues with KU staff using IDs to ride the Lawrence buses for free off-campus. Bike share bikes are supposed to be in bike racks. If bikes are parked illegally charges are still being accrued. Parking garage arms are going away. The arm stays over by Stauffer-Flint. They will be license place recognized. Violations fines are going up for those who drive on campus without stopping at the gates. Parking in handicapped stalls is going up as well. Lot colors will change and be reorganized with all the new buildings on campus. There could be changes to Safe Ride, with expanded later hours but no specific “safe ride” feature.

Unfinished Business


New Business

Severin said a faculty/staff wellness event related to KU Bike Share will be May 23. There will be a short bike ride, with instructors trained by the League of American Bicyclists to help anyone who isn’t comfortable with riding. The event will be in the Allen Fieldhouse parking garage.

Call to Adjourn – Jeff Severin made the motion to adjourn at 1:14 p.m. Seconded by Abby Ehling. Motion passed.

Next Meeting Schedule


Wednesday, May16, 2018, 12:00 PM ‐ 1:30 PM, Kansas Union, Alderson Auditorium


Wednesday, June 13, 2018, 12:00 PM ‐ 1:30 PM, Burge Union, Discover Room

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