University Senate Committees

Below is a brief overview of University Senate committees. Further information for each is available on the University Governance website.

Academic Computing and Electronic Communications (ACEC)

ACEC works with administrative personnel and other governance bodies to support and improve the academic computing and telecommunications environment at KU and to develop policy concerning information security, intellectual property rights and other matters related to information technology.

Academic Policies and Procedures (AP&P)

AP&P reviews and develops proposals concerning academic policies at KU, including matters such as the grading system, add and withdrawal policies and other academic matters relating to the instructional mission of the university. AP&P is also responsible for holding hearings in cases of program discontinuation.

Athletic Committee

The athletic committee serves as the link between governance and athletics programs at KU and works with the athletic corporation to promote the educational experience of student athletes, support compliance with NCAA requirements and address other issues of interest to faculty, students and staff in relation to athletic programs at KU.


The calendar committee develops the university’s five-year calendar, informing the university community about and monitoring compliance with rules concerning the scheduling of examinations and other matters. The committee also considers or develops proposals concerning changes to the calendar.

International Affairs

The international affairs committee works to improve the international dimension of KU by expanding opportunities and monitoring success of incoming international students and by promoting, expanding and enhancing opportunities for KU students, faculty and staff to have international experiences.


The libraries committee works with KU libraries to develop long-range planning and monitoring of the allocation of library resources. The committee also works to promote communication between the library and students, faculty and staff to expand access to materials.

Planning and Resources (P&R)

P&R provides the governance voice and works with administration officials and other governance bodies in the university planning processes. P&R provides input on matters such as institutional strategic planning, tuition and budgetary proposals and the physical environment of the KU campus.

Retirees Rights and Benefits

The retirees rights and benefits committee works to promote communication with retirees, support their participation in the life of the university, inform retirees of their rights and otherwise improve the experience of retirees both as an acknowledgment of valued service and as an important asset for the university.

Parking Commission

The parking commission includes faculty and staff appointed by the provost. The commission makes recommendations regarding parking policies on campus. Each year, the parking commission sends rules changes to the provost for final administrative approval. The changes generally go into effect on August 1.

Judicial Board The judicial board acts to resolve, to whatever extent possible, conflicts, complaints and grievances subject to its jurisdiction and arising within the university community. The board hears appeals from other bodies where appropriate rules and regulations allow and recommends solutions in accordance with the control of the chancellor and the Kansas Board of Regents.

Disciplinary Action Hearing Board

The disciplinary action hearing board hears appeals of disciplinary actions taken to suspend, demote or dismiss a university support staff member with permanent status.