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University Of Kansas Staff Senate

University Staff Senate is the governing body for all staff at the University of Kansas. We advocate on your behalf for workplace improvements, professional development opportunities, employee recognition and more.

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Executive Committee

The Staff Senate Executive Committee meets monthly prior to the full Senate meeting to determine agenda items and discuss all issues and concerns presented to the Staff Senate. The executive committee partners with representatives from Human Resources, the Faculty and Student Senates, and representatives from USS and UPS councils.
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Professional Development

The Professional Development Fund provides funding opportunities for KU staff to identify goals and learn new skills to help them grow and succeed at KU. Whether you're looking to develop stronger content focus, inquiry-oriented learning approaches, or collaborative participation, Staff Senate encourages all colleagues to apply.
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Get Involved

As a KU staff member, you can serve on Staff Senate committees, university-wide University Senate committees, or represent your constituency as a senator. Staff Senate committees welcome members at any time. University Senate and senate appointments take place at specified times of the year.


Staff Senate provides all staff with a voice, a forum and avenues for growth.