Staff Senate Elections

Every year during the spring semester, KU staff nominate and elect individuals to represent themselves as members of Staff Senate. Senators are elected to reflect the job category proportions of the electorate, with 1 senator for every 75 staff members. Elected members serve three-year terms.

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Please review the candidates and their bios before opening the ballot, which has been emailed to you. Elections open on March 18th and close on March 25th.

Continuing Staff Senate Members

Liz Barton, Assistant Director, Academic Success, 2025

Desiree Neyens, Education Program Coordinator, University Academic Support Center, 2025

Michelle Wilson, Assistant Director, Achievement & Assessment Institute, 2025

Wyatt Haywood, Administrative Associate, Slavic, German, and Eurasian Studies, 2026

Jennifer Laverentz, Office Manager, Center for Remote Sensing and Integrated Systems, 2026

Leslie Wilson, Office Manager, Centers for Orientation & Academic Advising Programs, 2025

McKenzie Henderson, SSC HR Coordinator, Carruth SSC, 2026

Corinna Lynn Johnson, Grant Coordinator, Office of Research, 2026

Claire Yan, Grant Coordinator, Office of Research , 2026

Jessica Chilcoat, Assistant Director, Center for Educational Opportunity Programs, 2025

Trina Weekly, Business Director, Achievement & Assessment Institute, 2025

Ben Brassart, IT Engineer, Information Technology, 2026

Johnathan Grant, IT Assistant Director, Information Technology, 2026

Jasmine Keys, IT Support Technician, Information Technology, 2026

Jeremy McLeod, IT Support Technician Senior, Information Technology, 2025

Aaron Howard, General Maintenance Repair Technician, FS Maintenance Services, 2026

Chris Wallace, Locksmith Senior, Operations, 2025

Jessica Brown, Custodial Supervisor, Operations, 2025

Angela Robb, Research Project Specialist, Achievement & Assessment Institute, 2026

Megan Sims, Assistant Researcher, Biodiversity Institute, 2026

Joseph Andrew, Associate Researcher, Geology, 2025

Candace Bond, Managing Editor, Achievement & Assessment Institute, 2025

Kevin Liu, Research Project Coordinator, Achievement & Assessment Institute, 2025

Sarah Wilson Merriman, Academic Accommodations Advisor, Student Access Center, 2026

Sara  Chavez, Education Program Manager, Student Affairs, 2025

Mary Dykmann, Program Manager, Business Development, 2025

Brian Moss, Reference Services Manager, Libraries, 2025