Staff Senate Members

The voting members of the Senate shall be those senators chosen by the electorate, as well as the President and President-Elect. Representatives of Human Resources, the Faculty Senate and the Student Senate shall be ex-officio, non-voting members. To ensure fair representation of all staff, the electorate shall be divided into eight categories representing the major divisions of work responsibilities across campus. The categorization of staff shall be accomplished by means of job families designated by Human Resource Management.

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President and President-Elect




Kim Conard
  • Grant Coordinator, Office of Research
  • Senator, April 2024
  • Diversity & Inclusion Committee Chair
  • University Senate Representative

Trina Collins
  • Business Director, Achievement & Assessment Institute
  • Senator, April 2025
  • Diversity & Inclusion Committee Chair-Elect
  • University Senate Representative, SenEx

Information Technology



Angela Robb
  • Research Project Specialist, Achievement & Assessment Institute
  • Senator, April 2026
  • Elections Committee Chair-Elect
  • University Senate Representative

Student Services


Brian Moss
  • Reference Services Manager, Libraries
  • Senator, April 2025
  • UPS Council Representative
  • University Senate Representative, SenEx