Diversity & Inclusion Committee


Standing Charges

  • Organizes, schedules, and requests funding for annual diversity and inclusion training for staff senators and staff senate committee members.
  • Represents Staff Senate in campus and regional committees and workshops around diversity, inclusion, and equity
  • Actively works to recruit a diverse and inclusive senate body through outreach and cooperation with relevant campus offices, departments, and organizations
  • Collaborates with standing Staff Senate committees and counterparts in Student, Faculty, and University Senate
  • Supports and promotes campus-wide diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives¬†

Specific Charges

  • Holds supervisors more accountable through a 360 Review process
  • Collaborates with the (WIT) KU Support system (IOA, Ombuds, HRM, Vice Provost of DEIB)
  • Encourages supervisors to promote cultural competency and diversity
  • Reviews activities of Staff Senate committees related to the employee value proposition¬†(Legislative Affairs, Personnel Affairs, and Professional Development) to ensure Diversity and Inclusion concerns are addressed


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Final Reports

Committee Meetings

  • All committee meetings run from 1:00 P.M. to 2:00 P.M. on the third Tuesday of the month. Please contact the chair for Zoom information.

Questions or Feedback?

Comments can be anonymous and will be received by the committee chair and chair-elect. Please include your contact information if you would like a follow-up.
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