D&I Committee ACTION Teams

Get involved with the D&I Committee by joining an ACTION Team! Our ACTION Teams break up the work of the committee to meet our standing charges each academic year. Each ACTION Team meets about once a month and offers an opportunity to collaborate with colleagues while advancing the University's mission.

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Accountability and Engagement ACTION Team

We will continue to engage with leadership – including University Governance and administrative leadership of the institution – to press for more meaningful change. We will hold others – and ourselves – accountable for the commitments that have been made and we expect to be held accountable by the staff that we aspire to represent. A significant part of our own learning must come from listening to those who are most impacted in the campus community and beyond. But listening is just the first step; we then must do what is asked of us. We must follow the lead of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) in our community. Examine our own complicity and dismantle systems of racism and oppression as an organization, an institution, and as individual representatives, we must come to terms with our own complicity in racial violence and oppression, and how our individual and collective actions and inactions establish a foundation for the violence against BIPOC and others with marginalized identities. Ultimately, we must dismantle the systems that support racism and white supremacy.


  • Engagement

  • Listen and Respond

  • Dismantle

  • "Staff Hiring Handbook" Supervisor Accountability (formerly 360 Review Process)

  • Staff Fellows Project

  • Connecting with Other DEI Groups on Campus

  • DEI Job Posting Analysis and Non-reappointment Clause for Professional Staff

Communication ACTION Team

We provide ongoing communication with Staff Senators and staff on topics relevant to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We produce The Lens, the newsletter of the Staff Senate D&I Committee, two times per year (once per semester).


  • "The Lens" Newsletter

  • Research initiatives

Education ACTION Team

It is important that as leaders in the campus community, we have a deep understanding of racism and white supremacy culture and develop the tools that are necessary to combat them. We will also explore opportunities to provide staff with tools for engaging in advocacy and social change outside the context of the workplace.


  • "Unpacking Whiteness in the Workplace"

  • Workshops

  • Lunch and Learns