Join the Staff Mentoring Program

Due to the COVID pandemic, no staff mentoring program meet-ups are planned at this time.


The KU Staff Senate Mentor Program combines elements of online communication and in-person events to promote connections among university staff. The program provides support for professional development and career growth, while enhancing the solidarity and recognition of university employees.


The Staff Senate Professional Development Committee has partnered with the KU Alumni Association to use the online KU mentoring platform as a network database for the mentor program. The database serves as the starting point for anyone interested in getting involved. Staff who join the KU Staff Senate Mentor Program group will have access to mentorship opportunities and show support for their colleagues.

Successful mentorship requires interpersonal interaction. The professional development committee will host a series of events and meet-ups for staff to attend. Overall, the goal of this group is to facilitate knowledge sharing, build valuable skills and strengthen healthy workplace relationships. The virtual and in-person elements of the program make it easy for everyone to be involved.

Get Involved

If you are interested in joining the staff mentor community, as either a mentor or mentee, you can create your profile and join the KU Staff Senate Mentor Program group by clicking on the button below. For step-by-step instructions, please see Creating a Mentoring Profile Instruction Guide (.pdf).